Friday, March 30, 2012

What's in a Wardrobe?


I thought I'd let you all take a peek inside my closet!

Also, I consider these items to be a few spring essentials. 
I'm all about getting the most wear out of the things I buy. In fact, when I buy something, I always ask myself,
 What would this go with?
Do I own something already that I could wear with this?
If the answer is no to my second question then I won't buy it. 
It's a good shopping rule to have and it often prevents buyer's remorse from happening when you get home.


eyelets, exposed zipper, stripes, boatneck

coral, scalloped, lightweight, cropped shirt

floral, lightweight, versatile, great to put in your hair, around your neck, or as a belt!

flowy, buttons, light rust, love the sleeves...

the essential tie top, pewter with silver random polka dots, so easy and so much style all at the same time...

the essential chino, in gray, great fit, professional, or casual, so versatile

scalloped & eyelets, high-waisted short, tuck things in or not,  almost wears like it's a skirt, great piece!

Every girl needs a blazer. It's essential. A well fitted blazer, I should add!

brown leather belts, one or two two wear around the waist, and one or two to wear through your belt loops when you tuck in a shirt.
chunky strapped sandal, great with jeans for an evening out with the girls!

Vintage looking T-strapped heels, mixed brown leather, cute with a flowy skirt or dress...

wedges! I love these. They are an orangeish-brownish leather, they add to any outfit! So easy to walk in too!

Love the studs, a shoe that goes with a lot! love to pair it with the brown bow belts with gold accents (as seen earlier in this post)

a feminine loafer shoe. Can't go wrong. Goes great with navy, red, or pale yellow!

pointy toed flats! My kind of shoe...I wear flats way too much, they're just so easy though!

the classic converse, get a cute spring color and wear them with a casual dress or skirt, so California looking!

a few of my shoes...

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