Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm in to it...

You know, I need to be a personal shopper for people, because my eyes are bigger than my wallet! Here are a few pieces that caught my eye while online window shopping...

Zipper Front Cardigan from Forever 21

Stripe swingtime sweater from J. Crew

Tie-neck shirt from Gap

Slouchy "boy" trousers from Madewell (PS: love the pennyloafers!)
--Check out Madewell's lookbook for some great Fall inspiration! I really love this store, but it definitely is one of those "every once in a while" stores. I say that because their clothes are made with great quality so they are a little pricey for a student's budget.

Just past the knee tailored skirt from US.Asos

Cuffed Blazer from Forever 21

Cooperative Double Strap Skimmer Flats from Urban Outfitters

Love this Classic Knit Jacket blazer from Forever 21

Saddle Satchel from US.Asos

Lucca Lace Inset Blouse from Urban Outfitters

Plum-believable Dress from ModCloth

Hickory Dickory Frock Dress from ModCloth (LOVE!)

Dolce Vita Riding Boots from Urban Outfitters

Shopping websites I visited:


Style questions/concerns: [Lleach6@uncc.edu] Oh and most of all gals......

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Monday, August 15, 2011

5 Hairstyles to love this fall

This fall it's all about the braids, the messy updos, and the princess hair! 
Take a look at these hairstyles and try to adapt them to your hair type. Some of these are a little tricky, but I guarantee you can find a tutorial for each of these styles on youtube.  Enjoy!

Something's fishy

Can I have that on the side?
1. The Fishtail Braid--this style started to get big last year and it's here to stay. I love doing this as a side braid too. Remember: it's okay for it to be messy and loose and for those of us with layered hair...it will be! 

Up in the air
Casually chic
2. The High Bun--so easy and I love that it's so in right now. It's a hairstyle that takes two seconds in the am. Cute and fast=win-win!

Free fallin'
Loosen up
3. The Waterfall braid--doesn't get any more boho than this. Find a tutorial for this and have a friend help you with it. Haha, just ask my roomie, I'm always asking her to help with my hair, but come on..what are friends for?

Calm and collected
Is this considered an updo or "low" do...?
4. The Low Messy Bun--similar to the high bun, but way more relaxed and feminine. Cute with an LBD if you're going out on a dinner date or out with the girls downtown.

Naturally of course!
Beautiful soft curls!
5. Naturally Beautiful Healthy Locks--when I said princess hair I meant real princess hair! I think nothing is prettier than natural looking, healthy, shiny hair. That means taking care of your hair girls! Tiny tips: try not to dye your hair too often and keep the heat to a minimum. Curling just the ends of your hair is a great look. Loose soft big barrel curls are great too! And don't forget to give it a boost of volume with a round brush and a low heat hair dryer.   

You really can't go wrong as far as I'm concerned when you go "au naturale". 

You don't have to match...
...You just have to go


Sunday, August 14, 2011

10 Fall pieces to have this season!

Roll up those sleeves ladies
1. Black Boyfriend Blazer--hairstyle to pair well with this blazer: a high bun. Casual with jeans or dress it up with a skirt/dress!

We can fly, we can fly, we can fly!
2. "Peter Pan" Collars--Tuck it in, leave it out. Wear it with a shorter high-waisted skirt...the ways to wear these blouses are endless...

Grandpa, can I borrow your shoes?
3. Loafers--These cute little things are great with boyfriend fit jeans also cute with cropped (or not) chinos.
Trench warfare
4. Trench Coats--I always find myself wanting one, spring or fall I love a good trench coat. Just make sure to find one that fits well. And oh, don't over wear it ladies; I know it's cute and you love it, but clothes need their beauty rest too!

Don't sweat it!
5. Basic Pullover Sweater--a great staple to have. Pairs well with a loose bun, full skirts, or cropped colored pants.

Dijon, classic yellow or stone ground? Mmmm..I want a hot dog now!
6. Mustard Suede Anything---but especially when it comes to heels! Mustard+suede=all over this fall season

Currently out of the office
8. Secretary Tops--it's basically a loose blouse with a bow. You can find cute vintage ones and get vintage bonus points!

Totes adorable
9. The Tote Bag--functionality at its finest. If you're a student this bag is great. I've seen plaid totes as well that are cute!

Watch it!
10. Simple Big Face "Boyfriend" Watches--warning: watches are addicting. They're like McDonald toys...you want to collect them all!

Remember ladies, trends are merely guidelines, not rules! So don't ever feel limited when it comes to your style. Develop your own style and feel free to be selective with the trends (I know I am!). And as always, dress for your body...

You don't have to match...
...You just have to go