Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm in to it...

You know, I need to be a personal shopper for people, because my eyes are bigger than my wallet! Here are a few pieces that caught my eye while online window shopping...

Zipper Front Cardigan from Forever 21

Stripe swingtime sweater from J. Crew

Tie-neck shirt from Gap

Slouchy "boy" trousers from Madewell (PS: love the pennyloafers!)
--Check out Madewell's lookbook for some great Fall inspiration! I really love this store, but it definitely is one of those "every once in a while" stores. I say that because their clothes are made with great quality so they are a little pricey for a student's budget.

Just past the knee tailored skirt from US.Asos

Cuffed Blazer from Forever 21

Cooperative Double Strap Skimmer Flats from Urban Outfitters

Love this Classic Knit Jacket blazer from Forever 21

Saddle Satchel from US.Asos

Lucca Lace Inset Blouse from Urban Outfitters

Plum-believable Dress from ModCloth

Hickory Dickory Frock Dress from ModCloth (LOVE!)

Dolce Vita Riding Boots from Urban Outfitters

Shopping websites I visited:


Style questions/concerns: [Lleach6@uncc.edu] Oh and most of all gals......

You don't have to match...
...You just have to go


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